Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Compare pay-per-click advertising quotes from up to five local paid search (PPC) consultants

Looking For Quotes From PPC Companies?

If you need to get quotes from PPC companies, why not fill in the form to get PPC prices and advice. As there are thousands of PPC suppliers around the North America , it makes choice to shop around.

Save 65% by comparing quotes from local PPC agencies that have experience of doing PPC in your industry.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

There are two costs associated with pay per click advertising:

The cost per click to the search engine (when a visitor clicks on the advert)

The management fee to the agency (for setting up and monitoring the campaign)

PPC prices will vary, both from the costs to the search engines for the advertising, and the costs paid to the PPC agencies for handling your campaign. Experience in generating results is the main thing to consider when comparing PPC companies.

Why Compare PPC Prices

Some pay per click companies are very good at their work. They are good at optimising landing pages (so that the CPC is as low as possible) and choosing good keywords that net the best results. However it is wise to shop around different PPC agencies in order to compare management rates.

We do advise using a local PPC agency as there is more loyalty and accountability from local PPC agencies.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local PPC experts with pay per click marketing experience in your industry.

What Services Do PPC Agencies Offer?

PPC agencies offer a range of services to North America clients:

Initial Consultation

Optimising Landing Pages

Setup And Management Of PPC Campaign

Monthly Reporting

Optimising Keywords

We do advise using North America PPC companies over ones overseas, as control is easier if North America PPC agencies are used.

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