Public Relations

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Compare public relations quotes from up to five local PR agencies

Do You Need Advice From Local PR Agencies?

With over 5,000 PR agencies in the North America, why not use someone local that knows your business sector and has done public relations in your industry before.  Whatever area of the North America you are based in, we will help you get free advice and quotes for public relations today.  The PR agencies we work with range from small PR boutiques, up to top PR agencies in London.

Just complete the enquiry form to get quotes from 3-4 PR companies that are local to you and have a background of doing PR in your industry.

Have You Considered Industry Experienced PR Companies?

Public relations companies range from freelancers working from home, up to top London firms. Finding a local PR expert that knows your industry is generally the safest bet as they should be able to get the quickest results.  Finding an industry experienced PR agency on the internet can be time consuming, which is why we are here, to help you save time and effort in looking around the web.

Complete the form opposite to get quotes from local PR companies that know your industry sector.

How Much Does Public Relations Cost?

All PR agencies charge different fees for their services, based on their experience, their overheads and their profit margins. There are no standard rates for PR prices, so it is wise to shop around and compare quotes in order to get a feel for the average cost of a PR campaign.  Getting quotes from agencies that know your industry is the best way to get the best agency at the best price.

PR For Small Businesses

Public relations is a low cost marketing tool that is considered to be essential for small businesses.  At Judicious Professional Solution we have thousands of expert PR companies that offer PR for small businesses that involve basic press releases and brand awareness to get new companies good media coverage.

PR For Large Businesses

We work with over 5,000 public relations agencies in the North America, many of which have expert experience in working with blue chip companies and leading global brands.  If you require an expert PR agency to tackle an important campaign, we can help you get quotes from leading PR companies that know your industry.