Management support Services

04Management support has been specially designed for senior managers with a high degree of

autonomy for deploying resources and achieving strategic goals. The Framework aims to give participants an opportunity to develop their professional management skills, knowledge and understanding.

These include units that focus on the ability to develop strategic business plans or the culture of your organisation, map the environment your organisation operates in, lead, plan and implement change, manage risk, promote organisational diversity and the use of technology, manage a budget or a project, and help to improve organisational customer focus and organisational performance.

Results for you

  • Drive improvement in your organisation – find solutions, implement changes
  • Support the development and implementation of new ideas in your organisation
  • Be an effective leader – provide direction, motivate and support people to achieve organisational goals
  • Develop and consolidate your knowledge and skills in a wide range of specialist areas

Management Support Unit

  • Provide leadership for your organisation
  • Encourage innovation in your organisation
  • Improve organisational performance
  • Develop your personal networks
  • Map the environment in which your organisation operates
  • Develop a strategic business plan for your organisation
  • Put the strategic business plan into action
  • Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical, and social requirements
  • Develop the culture of your organisation Manage risk
  • Promote equality of opportunity and diversity in your organisation
  • Lead change
  • Plan change
  • Implement change
  • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Plan the workforce
  • Build and sustain collaborative relationships with other organisations
  • Obtain additional finance for the organisation
  • Promote the use of technology within your organisation
  • Ensure an effective organisational approach to health and safety
  • Promote knowledge management in your organisation
  • Outsource business process Manage a programme of complementary projects
  • Build your organisation’s understanding of its market and customers
  • Develop a customer focused organisation
  • Carry out quality audits
  • Manage the development and marketing of products/services in your area of responsibility

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