Coaching Supervision



‘Understanding the Principles and Practice of Coaching Supervision in Organisations’ and ‘Reflecting

on Your Own Ability to Perform Effectively as a Coaching Supervisor’.  Organisations are then required to demonstrate their ability to plan, deliver and review coaching supervision with individual coaches and groups.


Impact for your Organisation 


  • Coaching supervision is a key process for organisations providing in-house coaching.
  • Develop coaches who are able to use the feedback from supervisory sessions to plan their own and others’ professional development.
  • Benchmark your organisation’s practice against an accepted framework.
  • Ensure your coaches are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need.
  • Meet clients’ supervision needs through effective assessment and relationship building.

Results for you

  • Coaching supervision can be an essential part of your CPD and helps maintain your own professional competence.
  • Understand the purpose and principles of coaching supervision.
  • Critically assess and reflect on your own ability to perform as an effective coaching supervisor.
  • Develop the skills and theoretical knowledge of coaching supervision methods, approaches, reflective practices and activity
  • Evaluate the contribution of coaching supervision to stakeholders.

Framework Overview

  • Understanding the Principles and Practice of Coaching Supervision in Organisations.
  • Undertaking an Extended Period of Coaching Supervision.
  • Reflecting on Your Own Ability to Perform Effectively as a Coaching Supervisor.

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