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EMPLOYERS (Recruiting Employees)

How much doJudicious Professional Solutions's services cost?

We pride ourselves on the quality and extent of the services that we are able to provide. Prices vary depending on industry, qualifications, licensing, pre-screening, services and the number of workers needed by your company. After an initial discussion of your company’s needs, we can provide you with more detailed prices.

Why chooseJudicious Professional Solutions?

IMP offers our Employer-clients the most comprehensive list of services at the most reasonable prices. We host a large pool of candidates to meet your company’s occupational requirements. We have an excellent track record by being a part of a group of companies that have successfully brought over 35,000 new comers to Canada.

What will I gain from hiring a foreign worker?

Our recruited foreign workers have a reputation for being extremely dedicated, experienced and hard-working. By recruiting foreign workers, your company will meet its human resource needs with excellent employees, which will ultimately reduce the stresses associated with labour market shortages. Furthermore, your company will have the opportunity to grow and prosper along with the Canadian marketplace.

Where will my foreign workers come from?

Currently our main source of workers is from the Philippines, Ireland, United States, India, and the United Arab Emirates, where our offices employ dedicated and trained staff. However, we do have offices in other countries and may be able to assist your recruitment needs from these locations as well.

How do I know my foreign workers will be qualified for the job?

All candidates are interviewed by Canadian industry experts. Reference checks are completed to confirm past employment history, as well as overseas security and health checks. Before the worker is permitted to travel to Canada, the Government of Canada reviews each file to assure the foreign worker has the abilities and qualifications to perform the duties for which they were hired.

Can we choose our own foreign workers or doesJudicious Professional Solutions choose for us?

Either method is available.

You choose:Judicious Professional Solutions would provide you with interviews and resumes of pre-assessed and qualified candidates to review and choose from. If you know of someone specifically you would like to hire, our partners overseas can evaluate the worker to find out if they are eligible for recruitment.

We choose: Upon finding out your specific requirements, we do all the work to place workers within your company who are experienced, qualified and hard-working.

How long will it take for the foreign worker to arrive in Canada?

It will take anywhere from approximately 2 months to 1 year for the foreign worker to arrive. The timeline is dependent upon industry qualifications, pre-testing requirements, and the region of the world in which the foreign worker is located. If an employer is pre-approved to use goverment programs, at times, workers can travel soon after they are selected. 

How long can my foreign workers stay in Canada?

Timelines vary according to occupations and government programs. Currently the standard work permits issued are for 12 - 24 months, however, many programs offer the option of extension and even immigration. When immigration is possible, workers can become permanent residents. If they continue with temporary status only, they must leave after four years in Canada.

Do we need to provide housing for the foreign workers? (Settlement & Accommodations)

Government regulations state that employers need to ensure that housing is available for foreign workers. CurrentlyJudicious Professional Solutions is happy to provide housing solutions to those who are interested. (Please note: This service is limited to specific regions of Canada).

What do we need to pay our foreign workers?

The Canadian government sets hourly wage standards for foreign workers that are based on occupation (Labour Market Information) and program.

Who pays for the foreign workers’ travel to Canada?

Air travel expenditures are the responsibility of the employer for non-skilled and semi-skilled positions, and the responsibility of the employee for skilled positions. It is dependent on the program and NOC code as well as inter-country relationships.

What happens if a foreign worker can no longer travel to Canada?

IMP will, at no extra cost; replace our own workers who are unexpectedly not able to come to Canada (limitations apply).

Will my new foreign workers be able to bring over their families?

Some occupations are eligible for immigration. If your employees’ occupation is eligible, then it is usually best that the family travels 3-24 months after the worker arrives in Canada. This is to minimize stress while the workers become familiar with their new job and surroundings. Many workers recruited byJudicious Professional Solutions will have some international experience (working abroad); therefore, they have already dealt with being away from their families for extended periods of time.

Can I get references from other companies who have worked withJudicious Professional Solutions?

IMP holds each client’s file confidential; however, references are available upon request with permission from the client.

What do we need to do to begin the process?

As a part of our services,Judicious Professional Solutions is available to travel to your company’s location to conduct an industry specific presentation or meeting. Please contact us by email, phone or fax, all listed under the “Contact Us” section of this website.

EMPLOYEES (Temporary Foreign Worker Program & Immigration)

How much doJudicious Professional Solutions's services cost?

For most TFW recruitment processes, your costs would only include government fees and personal documentation fees.  This can include examination fees to meet job requirements. Immigration however will be your expense. Please contact us for more detialed fees.

Why chooseJudicious Professional Solutions?

IMP offers our clients the most comprehensive list of services at the most reasonable prices. We have an excellent track record by being a part of a group of companies that have successfully brought over 35,000 new comers to Canada.

If I am in Canada, can you provide immigration services to my family who are abroad?

Yes,Judicious Professional Solutions in collaboration with Mercan Group can take care of all of you and your family’s immigration needs.  For a free assessment on how you or your family members qualify for immigration click here.

Can you help me to find a job in Canada?

If you are overseas, one of our Mercan Recruit offices may be able to assist you.  Please click here for more information.

If you are in Canada, please click here and fill out our In-Canada Transfer application.

Can you help me extend my work permit?

Yes, we offer services to assist workers with extending their work permits.  Please contact us for more information


Can you help me to set up business contacts in Canada?

Yes,Judicious Professional Solutions can connect you to the necessary people in Canada to help your business plan succeed.  From commercial realtors to business consultants, bankers, accountants and lawyers,Judicious Professional Solutions has a list of contacts available in various Canadian locations.  We will work to set up a file specific to your needs.  If you are interested in these services please contact us by phone or email.

What do I need to apply to immigrate to Canada as an investor/entrepreneur?

Many provinces have special immigration nomination programs for business-class immigrants.  For specific requirements of each program click here.

What do I need to do to begin the process?

To best determine how we can assist you please contact us by email, phone or fax, all listed under the contact us section of this website.