Business Services

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Innovative Business Services 

We offer business advice & guidance on planning, funding and setting up a small business. Get up to date help for start-ups, sole traders and entrepreneurs with ideas for a small business and how to manage your family, social and business life as a small business owner.

Support the different ways in which business ideas can be promoted to others and assess the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of promoting own business ideas to others. Evaluate the influence of own image on the ways in which business ideas are promoted to others.

Provide support to communicate business ideas to other people which lead to gaining support for the ideas; Evaluate own needs in using communication skills and techniques when running a business; Evaluate what the personal impact could be in starting and running a business.

Provide different types of support networks which can be used in starting and running a business and explain how to access different types of support networks, Evaluate and assess the benefits and costs of support from others which can be used to help make decisions required to start own business.

Justify the use of others in supporting the development of knowledge and skills of business techniques, positive image is important in business and compare different ways in which you can present yourself in a positive way and how this can vary according to the industry, market or company. 


  • Business Start-up, Ideas & Business Planning
  • Running a Business, Business Growth, Work-life balance
  • Government Grants, Franchising, Alternative Business Finance
  • Finding and Selling to the Customers, Find Partners and Suppliers
  • Trade Marks and Patents, Research for business market
  • Technology in Business, Employing and Managing Staff
  • Buying and Selling a Business, Business Insurance and Protection, Health and Safety 

Services we offer:

  • Provide the key factors involved in an effective presentation to promote your business
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of running your own business
  • Identify the range of business decisions you need to make when you start a business
  • Legal requirements that have to be met when starting a business
  • Business re-structure and re-organisation 
  • Reviewing and developing office procedures 
  • Carry out research and prepare a business report 
  • Compliance with local legislation affecting organisations